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Vessel Monitoring — Monitor The classic 5180 Poseidon® system provides alarm, control and monitoring to all PLC and NMEA2000® devices.

5180 Poseidon System Unit

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marine monitoring


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The Poseidon@ Classic System boasts a powerful Quad Core processor, it is passively cooled and is supported by a high-quality SSD. The system has no moving parts, ensuring that it is suitable for all marine environments. With dual CAN, dual Ethernet and dual HDMI, there is no shortage of connectivity. It offers a true state-of-the-art, user configurable, multi-user, multi-page and multi-display capability.

Poseidon@ Classic System Schematic Drawing

marine monitoring
marine monitoring

System Overview & Wiring Diagram

Quick and easy to set up, Poseidon@ is functional upon installation.

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