NMEA2000® – What does it mean?

NEMA MArine Electronics Association

Ever wondered what NMEA stands for?

You have probably heard of NMEA if you are in the boat building business, but do you understand what it is?
NMEA stands for National Marine Electronics Association, a non-profit organisation based in the US. Their aim is to support relationships between marine electronics manufacturers and create a network that shares data easily with other marine electronics.

How does the NMEA2000® network work?

The NMEA network comprises of a single trunk or backbone cable running through the length of the vessel. Tee Adaptors are positioned where devices are to be attached to the network. If all devices are NMEA2000® certified, they will share data with each other. To make things simpler, the connections are a ‘plug and play’ design.
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Setting up an NMEA2000® Network

The most important part of any network is position. Before installing, it is best to plan the best route for the backbone cable. It is essential to note where you will need to connect an NMEA2000® device so you order only the length of cable you need. If you find that many there are a few connections close together, we also offer 2 way and 4 way Tee Connectors. Once installed, all open ends should have a terminator fitted, to prevent data corruption. For ease, we offer an NMEA2000® Micro Network Starter Kit.
NMEA2000® Network Starter Kit

The kit includes:

• 1x 2 Metre Power Cord
• 1x Male Terminator
• 1x Female Terminator
• 2x Tee Connectors
• 1x 2 Metre Network Trunk Cable
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If you would like any assistance with installing an NMEA2000® network, please don’t hesitate to contact our talented team at [email protected].



About Oceanic Systems (UK) Ltd 

Oceanic Systems (UK) Ltd design and manufacture world-class marine systems for control and monitoring vessels. Their product range includes fuel and water senders, level gauges, NMEA2000® cabling and connectors, dual and multiple engine displays and their newest launch, Poseidon.

These NMEA2000® control and monitoring products provide a modular and flexible solution for users to incorporate their functions and capabilities in an economical, easy to install and reliable form. The NMEA2000® system allows sensors and other devices to share their information over a single network, with the flexibility to install additional devices as required.  

For further information please contact:

Company information:
Bruce Coward
Oceanic Systems (UK) Ltd, UK
+44 (0) 1425 610022
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