Fuel Sender to Resistive Output Adaptor – Tank Sender Adaptor

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Fuel Sender to Resistive Output Adaptor
  • Converts NMEA2000® Tank Sender Adaptor to a resistive output
  • Connects to Volvo and other engine ECU tank level inputs
  • Single sender for general MFDs and Engine Instruments
  • Removes need for multiple senders in a fuel tank
  • Easy to install
  • Robust IP67 construction




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Allows a NMEA2000® sender to display on a general multi function display and on the engine instruments display.
Connet from the NMEA2000® network to the resistive input connection on the engine ECU so that the fuel level will show identically on both displays without needing a second resistive fuel sender in the tank.
This unit is robustly constructed to the IEC60945 Maritime Navigational and Radiocommunications Equipment Standard to ensure high reliability and trouble free operation


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