Grounded Input Adaptor

Part Number 4411 Category
Grounded Input adaptor

The 4411 Grounded Input Adaptor 8 Way allows the 4410 Switch Input Module to be switched by connections to ground rather than to ships positive supply.

Oceanic Favicon

The 5322 Magnetic Switch Cylindrical Indoor/Outdoor creates a signal that’s broken whenever a door or window is opened, triggering an alarm.

This product can be used reliably for longer periods and has a switching current of 500 DC mA. Featuring a normally open switch configuration with a supervisory loop, it’s designed to be very difficult to bypass. White in colour and with an ultra-compact body measuring 30 mm x 9 mm, this switch will be almost invisible to any would-be intruders once installed. A 300 mm long cable means you can install the switch even at a distance from doors and windows.

In conformance with BS 4737-3, this product has a tamper loop to prevent interference. RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliance means it has no hazardous substance in excess of 0.1%.

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