Navigation Light Controller

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Navigation channel expansion module

Navigation Light Controller

  • Controls and monitors up to 8, 16 or 24 LED lights (with 5972 expansion modules)
  • Reports LED degradation and wiring faults
  • Reports LED power on hours with alarm
  • Local panel red/green status indicators for each circuit
  • Full mimic display on any Poseidon screen
  • Primary and automatic standby power source for LEDs with alarm indication
  • Manual override on and off at controller panel
  • Automatic resettable fuses on each circuit
  • Standard DIN rail mounting
  • Suitable for all vessel types and sizes
  • Designed to IEC60945
  • NMEA2000® Certified



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Oceanic Systems Navigation Light Controller and 8 channel expansion modules offer full control and monitoring of LED navigation lights over a standard NMEA2000® network. The units fully control and monitor up to 24 LED Navigation Lights.

Easy to calibrate, the single current calibration button allows the installer to calibrate the unit to each LED circuit. As a result, partial LED failures and wiring failures are detected and indicated accordingly. In addition, each circuit features a manual override on or off switch with a self resetting safety fuse.

The units track LED power on hours and warns when the LED has reached the end of its useful life and needs to be replaced, helping to maintain safe navigation visible distances. The units are also standard DIN rail mounted and have WAGO style cage clamp connections.

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