Poseidon Max Vessel System

Part Number 5165 Category
Poseidon MAX

The Poseidon Max Vessel System is ideal for superyachts with more complex monitoring and control needs. It supports up to 16 displays around the vessel in multiple locations and supports the Poseidon NVR for full vessel CCTV surveillance.
Access the system anywhere, anytime with the remote access feature. Monitor, control and log data over a secure cloud network anywhere in the world and on up to 8 smart phones/tablets over the ship’s WiFi.
Poseidon Max features a full network data analyser package and supports CCTV monitoring when used with the Poseidon Network Video Recorder for full vessel surveillance.


  • 19” rack mounted
  • Supports up to 16 displays
  • Utilises easy to install Cat 5 cabling
  • Ethernet TCP-IP connections
  • Remote access
  • Full vessel CCTV surveillance when used with the Poseidon NVR

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Quick and easy to setup, Poseidon is functional upon installation.


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