Water Level Senders

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Water level sender
Install immediately as all senders are shipped pre-calibrated to give a percentage reading and cut to your specified length. For volumetric calibrations, please click here to complete the volumetric calibration form and email to [email protected] with your purchase order.

For Fresh Water Tanks

  • High ±1% Accuracy
  • No moving parts to stick or fail
  • Tank Depths from 250mm to 2Mtr
  • Up to 16 of each type of sender on a single network
  • Low Top Profile and Easy to Install
  • Robust Stainless Steel Construction
  • NMEA2000® Certified

There are different mounting types for the senders


3281T Water Sender Dimensions



This SAE 5 BOLT TO 1¼” BSP SENDER MOUNTING RING is designed to allow a Tank Sender with a 1¼” BSP threaded mount to fit a SAE 5 bolt hole pattern in the tank top.

It comes with both an EPDM gasket suitable for water tanks and a nitrile/cork bonded gasket suitable for fuel tanks. It is important to select the correct gasket to match the tank’s contents.



Oceanic Favicon

The 3281 Water Level Sender will measure the water level in the fresh water tanks. They provide a ±1% accurate tank level to the NMEA2000® marine network.

The 3281 can be programmed with up to 100 volumetric points so that it offers the most accurate indication of the VOLUME of water in the tank. This volume information can then be displayed on any NMEA2000® enabled display wherever it is required.

It is robustly constructed in stainless steel with no moving parts to stick or fail in service. It is available to suit tank depths from 250mm to 2 metres.

Up to 16 senders can be connected to a single network and the tank number is simply selectable at installation by means of the small rotary switch.

It is manufactured to the NMEA2000® network standard and attaches to the network using a single “Micro” plug. It draws less than 50mA from the network.


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