marine monitoring systems FOR VESSELS
Leisure, commercial and military


Oceanic Systems manufactures world-class marine monitoring systems for control
and monitoring vessels, producing the latest advancement in the industry.

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The Poseidon® system not only monitors and controls the vessel’s data
but allows full user customisation which is unique in the industry.

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marine monitoring system


Monitoring products for fuel and water tanks, AC & DC, temperature, pressure, airflow, and a range of modules, devices and adaptors.

Control Systems

Control modules from monitoring and controlling vessel navigation lights to whistles and warning lights.


Multiple Engine Displays ideal to replace original manufacturer engine displays.

Cabling and Connectors

A vast range of cabling and connectors to suit all yacht and vessel systems, including manufacturer connecting cables.

Poseidon®, is the most advanced alarm, marine monitoring and control system yet.
Boasting state-of-the-art vector graphics and PIN-controlled user access,
this system is becoming renowned for its simple user customisation capabilities

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Create your own custom display and easily control and monitor any of your vessel’s data.

Poseidon on mobile

Unite style and function
seamlessly with Poseidon

Poseidon Screen

Access ship data from Poseidon® on your mobile, tablet or computer


Poseidon® System Range

Vessel Alarm Monitoring and Control System.

Poseidon® Classic System

The classic Poseidon® system unit not only monitors and controls any vessel data, but allows full user customisation to unite style and function seamlessly.

Poseidon MAX

Poseidon® Max

The Poseidon® Max is ideal for superyachts with more complex monitoring and control needs. It supports up to 16 displays around the vessel in multiple locations and supports the Poseidon NVR for full vessel CCTV surveillance.

Poseidon screen

7 and 10

Designed for use on smaller boats where a full system would be impractical, Poseidon® 7 incorporates the classic system in a small, yet powerful single display unit.

Monitors for Vessel Monitoring systems

Poseidon® Displays

Poseidon® displays provide an elegant and modern presentation of all vessel control and monitoring systems.