Oceanic Systems are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of marine monitors, control systems, displays, cabling, and temperature sensors. We’re passionate about innovation, and we bring this passion to every facet of our business – from design and manufacturing to supply and distribution.

Our global network of resellers stretches from all the way from Los Angeles to Auckland, supplying our market-leading products to vessel manufacturers the world over. But we’re not done yet.

We’re actively seeking new businesses to join our growing group of resellers. By helping us expand our reach, you won’t just be contributing to our success – you’ll be signing up for a range of impressive benefits you won’t find anywhere else.

Read on to discover the many ways becoming an authorised reseller can help your business reach new heights!

Why become a reseller for Oceanic Systems?

Increased revenue for your business

Our monitoring systems combine sleek, easy-to-use interfaces with powerful behind-the-scenes functionality, making them the first choice for thousands of boat manufacturers worldwide.

Becoming an Oceanic Systems reseller lets you enter a previously untapped market of OEM boat manufacturers and refit companies. This will boost your business’s annual revenue and open up brand-new avenues for growth.

Access to our resources and technical expertise

Our commitment to R&D has given us an unparalleled understanding of every facet of the marine industry, from the intricate mechanics of boat engineering to the nuances of control panel UX design.

By partnering with us as an authorised reseller, you’ll gain exclusive access to the wealth of knowledge we’ve amassed over the years. You can draw from this knowledge base whenever you need to, giving you a valuable leg up over your competitors within the marine industry.

Benefit from a reseller trade discount

Becoming a reseller entitles you to a steep discount on our entire range of products, allowing you to increase your profit margins while still offering competitive prices to your customers.

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