About Oceanic Systems

Since 2003, we have been designing and manufacturing world-class NMEA2000®based integrated Alarm, Display and Control Systems for leisure, commercial and military vessels.

Based in the United Kingdom, we provide NMEA2000® products for vessels of all sizes around the world. We understand that robust monitoring and control of complex vessel systems is vital to ensure a safe and comfortable journey. Our range of modular and robust NMEA2000® products allows sensors and other devices to share their information over secure networks, providing a flexible solution to users, with the ability to install additional devices as required in the future.

In addition to our extensive range of monitoring and control products is our most advanced Alarm, Monitoring and Control System, Poseidon®

Delivering exceptional graphics and unbeatable user control, the Poseidon® system is available in a range of options for all vessel sizes. It allows the user to create their own unique data and custom control display using the latest techniques in data presentation.

Vessel Alarm Monitoring and Control System

Above our Poseidon 7, a strong vessel monitoring system
suitable for all vessel types

Our offices in New Milton, Hampshire, England

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Oceanic Systems manufactures world-class marine systems for control and monitoring vessels, producing the latest advancement in the industry.

Oceanic Systems has been published in a variety of well known marine publications such as PassageMaker and Boating Business.