Cable Adaptors

Part Number Various-1 Category
38xx cable-adaptors - cabling and connectors
  • Convert 4 – 20mA pressure input to digital value with ± 2% FSD accuracy
  • User selectable pressure range
  • User selectable pressure source
  • Faulty sensor/connection detection (under or over current)
  • No complicated menu setups required
  • NMEA2000® micro C interface plug
  • NMEA2000® network standard
  • Most installers are using the Micro size cable as this is much easier to handle and install.


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The NMEA2000® Network Standard specifies the Mini and Micro cabling and connector specification for standard networks.

Some marine manufacturers have based their networks on non-standard connectors and we have a range of adaptors that can connect these networks to the standard cabling.

If the adaptor you need is not here please contact us as we may be able to produce it for you.

Please note that some engine manufacturers such as Suzuki, Volvo and Yamaha make their wiring the actual network backbone cable and in these cases the adaptor cables end in a female socket to attach standard NMEA2000® devices to their backbone.

Volvo / Suzuki Hub to NMEA2000® Micro Female Socket
Yamaha Hub to NMEA2000® Micro Female Connector
Honda Outboard to NMEA2000® Micro Male Connector
Raymarine E Series to NMEA2000® Male Connector



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