DC Monitor

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3410 DC Monitor

Monitors and Reports:

  • Battery Voltage to 40 Volts
  • Battery Current to 1200 Amps
  • DC Current Transformer or Shunt inputs
  • State of Charge as a %
  • Time Remaining at current discharge in minutes
  • Certified to NMEA2000®
  • Panel or DIN mountable
  • Accurate mesurement of batteries, alternators, solar panels and wind generators




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Marine battery monitoring system

The Oceanic Systems 3410 DC Monitor accurately measures the DC voltage, the DC current and the attached battery temperature and reports them over the NMEA2000® network. It also calculates the current state of charge and the battery life remaining at the current rate of discharge.

The unit can be used for:

  • Batteries
  • Alternators
  • Solar panels
  • Wind generators

It can also measure the voltage and current being drawn by DC loads such as Inverters, refrigerators etc.

The unit keeps a track of loads and battery condition even when the NMEA2000® network is powered off so the total current draw or battery condition is always maintained and is known when the network is next powered on. Battery monitoring is done using the latest circuitry and software that includes the charge efficiency factor, the battery temperature and Peukerts exponent to calculate the remaining capacity accurately and efficiently.

The current is monitored by either:

  • A latest state of the art DC Current Transformer placed around the conductor with no need to break the connection
  • By two stages of shunts for currents up to either 500 Amps or 1200 Amps for larger vessels

The connections to the sensors are made via boat builder preferred WAGO Cage Clamp terminals which allow either solid or multistranded wires from 0.08 to 2.5mm² to be connected quickly and securely. This provides a much more secure connection than screw terminals which can vibrate loose over time. The unit is also certified to the NMEA2000® network standard and can be iether panel mounted or DIN rail mounted using it’s optional DIN rail mounting clips.


  • User Manual

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